I write it down, early morning. In the middle of the dawn, alone in my bed. Write what I feel, feel what I write. Without any reason, just write and write.


Then the sun comes up. Shine the whole country, accompany me. I don’t feel so blue but my fingers said so. Because the keyboard never lies, you know.


You might laugh, you might make a joke on me. But this is a true story, I won’t tell to anybody except if you are my somebody.


I go out, looking for some fresh air. Morning time is the best time ever. Many tasks should be started in early morning, like a wise man said, “If you win the morning, you will win the whole day.”


Drive. Sing. Joke. Sport. Eat. Story tell. Laugh. Make fun. We are going to rock this morning.


And then the miracle has come. The eyes. I do remember those eyes. The smile. An everlasting smile that all angels would envy. Oh damn.


The hand waves. The lip smiles. The eyes shine. Feels like the clock stops its tick and the time stops its run.


Serendipity. Or a miracle? I don’t even care, this is not the first time, but this is fun. Yeah, maybe.


Because I was just wrote about you and then you suddenly come. Without any sign, without any invitation. Just come.


Enough. I said it once again: enough. Serendipity. Don’t you agree?


Then the night finally comes. The moon is so damn beauty, like your smile. Beauty.


My little friend shows its light. Red in blink. And your name is there. Another miracle?


Maybe, I don’t do this on purpose, and so does you. You don’t mean to do this, and so do I.


But, this is live. I repeat: this is live. C’est la vie, like the French said. This is not a story, neither a fairy. This is what I like to called: RANDOM.



Depok, June 29th 2011, 21:00



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