001. Real name → C-Kink Ardya or C-Kink noa Zoro
002. Like it? → I hope Sahid Syaifullah is better
003. Nickname(s)→ C-Kink. But I do allow you to call me “Nicholas Saputra” 😀
004. Status → Une etudiant du Gadjah Mada Universitaire/ Gadjah Mada daigaku no gakusei desu/ student at Gadjah Mada University
005. Zodiac sign → Virgo, symbolic by a girl
006. Male or female → Male, Insya Allah…
007. Elementary→ SDN Beji VII Depok
008. Middle School → SLTPN 2 Depok
009. High School → SMUN 1 Depok
010. Hair color → Black. Will it be white or grey?
011. Long or short → Now is middle. I used to be bald, and used to be long-ioning hair.
012. Eye color → Black and white
013. Weight → 59 kg
014. Height → 183 cm
015. Righty or lefty → Righty
016. Loud or Quiet → Totemo shizuka desu/ very very quiet
017. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans
018. Phone or Camera → Phone
019. Health freak → No
020. Piercings?→ Never
021. Do you have a crush on someone? → Maybe, but I don’t mind
022. Eat or Drink → Like to eat and also like to drink
023. Purse or Backpack → Purse, but empty-handed is better
024. Tattoos → Never
025. Do You Like Yourself? → Oui, d’accord/ Hai, so desu/ Yes I do
026. Current worry? → Always feel free

027. Orange or Apple Juice? → Jus d’orange/ orenji juusu/ orange juice
028. Night or Day? → Soir/ yoru/ night
029. Sun or Moon? → Both of them are gift
030. TV or Internet? → Internet
031.PlayStation or XBox? → Playstation. I did never play an X-Box
032. Kiss or Hug? → Both of them aren’t problem. Would you give me some? Hohoho…
033. Iguana or Turtle? → I had ever raise a turtle once
034. Spider or Bee? → Bee, they were on Al’Qur’an
035. Fall or Spring? → I hope I had them
036. Limewire or iTunes? → Don’t know both of them
037. Soccer or Baseball? → Love soccer so much

038. First surgery → Circumcision, maybe?
039. First piercing → Never
040. First best friend → I hope I have one…
041. First Sport → Faire du randonee/ shanposuru/ Walk
042. First award → 1st rank on class, when I was on 4th grade elementary
043. First crush → I don’t mind
044. First pet → Bird and fish. They was there on my home
045. First big vacation → Bali at high school. First time I went out from Java Island!
046. First big birthday → My little was full of big birthday party. Thanks to my parents, the purpose is to give me a lot of my friend. But I’m sorry now I don’t have any.

047. Eating → Roasted rice with roasted chicken, 2 hours ago with my jiheishoo-kuni friends
048. Drinking → Ice coffeemix
049. I’m about to → Writing this post
050. Listening to →Winamp who plays l’arc~en~ciel
051. Singing → Just in my heart
052. Typing → This post
053. Waiting for → My funeral

054. Want kids → Yes, their name are Muhammad Sahid Syaifullah, Muhammad Sulaima Ibrahim, Siti Aisya Asmiranda or Siti Fatimah Khumaira
055. When → Later after married
056. Want to get married → ABSOLUTELY!!!
057. When → My first plan is when I’m on my 3rd year college. But my Mom doesn’t agree, so let the time answer it
058. Where Do You Want To Live → Indonesia, especially Depok or Jogja
059. Careers in mind → Writer, musician and also statesman
060. What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little → Train driver
061. Mellow Future Or Wild → Must get ready for both of them
062. Something You Would Never Try → Everything thing that is said forbidden on Al-Qur’an

063. Lips or eyes → Both of them. The way she stares and the way she talks
064. Shorter or taller → Shorter, easy to hug
065. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous, because romantic is DISGUISTING!!!
066. Nice stomach or nice arms → Both. Also nice personality and nice knowledge
067. Sensitive or loud → I don’t mind
068. Hook-up or relationship → Doesn’t matter, because I don’t understand
069. Trouble maker or hesitant → Problem solver and self-believer
070. Hugging or Kissing? → Give me each and I will answer. Huehehehe…
071. Tan Skinned or Light? → Not a matter, but not green please. That is an alien!!!
072. Dark or Light Hair? → Doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that she has a hair
073. Muscular or Normal? → Muscular? Wow, I will be the one who get knocked-out first!!!

074. Lost glasses/contacts → Never lost glasses, but always damaged it
075. Ran away from home → Never. J’aime mon famille/ Watashi no kazoku wa totemo omoshiroi desu/ My family is so lovely
076. Held a gun/knife for self defense?→ Never. But I hope I can use a sword well, like Roronoa Zoro
077. Killed somebody → Physically not, but maybe yes in their spirit
078. Broken someone’s heart → So many times! Ahahahaha…
079. Been arrested → Yes in a little case: Ride 3 persons on a motorcycle, drive on a wrong way and move through the red traffic light
080. Cried when someone died →Never. Their dead is their happiness
081. Kissed A Stranger? → Wow, is there anyone who will do this to me?
082. Climbed Up A Tree? → Yes but not that high
083. Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend? → Always!!! Hohohoho…

084. Yourself → Sure. This is my body, my mind, my personality, my competence, that all are gift
085. Miracles → Yes. Impossible is possible, you know?
086. Love at first sight → No. That was just a passion, not a thing that we should called love
087. Heaven → Yes, absolutely sure. That is my homeland, Insya Allah…
088. Santa Claus → No, just a fairy tale
089. Kiss on the first date → Like someone would do this to me

090. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Yes. I’m sick of being alone
091. Do You Like Someone? → Yes, because I’m still normal
092. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Sure. Whatever will be happen, it was the best for us and we should pass it happily
093. Do you believe in God → ABSOLUTELY!!!

094. Recieved/Sent Text Message → “Ah payah, silahkan cari sendiri artinya. Ya udah, met makan buat semua ya,”
095. Received Call → Gomiiko, my big sister
096. Call Made → Check my balance
097. Comment On MySpace → Je n’ai pas/ arimasen/ I don’t have any
098. Missed Call → Adji Ahmad Jaka Bramantya, since I was riving so I can’t answer his call
099. Person You Hung out With? → My jiheishoo-kuni friends, had dinner on Nasi Bakar
100. Post as 100 truths and tag people!

I tag all of you who read this article!

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  1. hayutyas says:

    wew..gw baca..
    berarti gw ke-tag ya ren??
    ntar lha..
    abis komputasi nuklir..

  2. ckinknoazoro says:

    siap!!! bisa nggak tadi komputasi nuklirnya? berapa error yang ada? hooooo

  3. zondo says:

    Bole gw re-write ga?

  4. ckinknoazoro says:

    ya gag apa2, silahkan… monggoo…

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