Walking Alone

You know it’s been so long

Since the last time I’m walking alone

I’m walking alone through this city

Just by myself with nobody

With my feet and my foot

I never feel this good

The night was so lovely

Doesn’t care that I’m lonely

Many cars moving anywhere

And the bikes are here and there

See so many people everywhere

But I am here going nowhere

Then I look at the sky

Its beauty makes me want to fly

Because the star shines so brightly

While the moon moves so slowly

But I realized and remember

That I will never fly like a flier

I always point me a finger

Then admit myself a loser

I’m still walking alone

And I’m still keep moving on

Is there any brilliant light

Who will guide me through this fight?

Hour by hour has gone

Day by day also has gone

So does my past, they had gone

And then, I will be the one who’s gone


Yogyakarta, 2 Mei 2009

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