MenkoEksternal #4

Another month has passed. That was April, the month when we had something called UTS, known as “Ujian Tidak Serius” (while UAS is known as “Ujian Agak Serius”). Those UAS were held for 2 weeks, and Bem’s activities are stopped for a while during the UAS.

Now, lets go review what I had done on April. Check this one out!

1st April

There is another university who comes visit our college. In January, that was Widyagama University, Malang. In February, Skin-Tehcnology Academy was the one. There were no university came to Engineering Faculty on March. And on April, there was a university who came here. The biggest university in Banten Province. It was Untirta, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University.

We were welcoming them on KPTU. About 60 Untirta’s students were come. It was so lovely to saw our friends from far away. Because, university students are the persons who will be this country next leader, so it was an important thing to make a relationship with those next leaders.

1st April

Another event also held on this day. An installation for all BEM newcomers (note: installation here means “pelantikan”, not “instalasi” like what we use on computer program). But sadly, not all newcomers were came.

1st – 6th April

I was pointed to be a coordinator for a little committee called Palelu. Palelu is a committee built to socialization about Pemilu, also known as general elections. The Pemilu itself will be held on 9th April. Due to the low-respect from engineering student, as a BEM we had a duty to socialize it to them. While Palelu is a simple-call for “Pasukan Peduli Pemilu”.

There were 3 divisions on Palelu. First is media, second is stand, and the last is simulation. They were work about a week. Even though the target person wasn’t that much, but I did appreciated to they who had been participated on Palelu. Salute!

4th April

There was a little conflict on internal BEM’s situation. It started because a single memo wrote on BEM’s Message Book. And together with Fauzi, both we were initiative to hold a little family forum called Forga, Forum Keluarga. About 13 persons were come. I don’t really know are they felt free and satisfied about the summary of this Forga. But I hope it can make our relationship getting better dan more even better.

19th April

I had invited by Ganendra, the vice president of BEM KM UGM. He wanted to invite all of BEM-Faculty’s vice president and organized a forum called “vice president’s forum”. Because our BEM doesn’t has a vice president, so I was the one whose been selected to be a representative from Engineering Faculty, due to my position as a Menko Eksternal.

26th April

This was the last week on April. And I had 2 events were held on this day. First is Sambatan, Sambil Kerja Bakti Pererat Persahabatan. It was KRT’s program, a monthly event with purpose to clean-out BEM’s office. And then, I was invited by PSDM to participate on their Forga at Depok beach, Bantul. It was so lovely to having my body burn by sunshine, all day long in Depok beach, together with its soft sand and blue sea. Also, we didn’t forget to eat seafood there. I choose squid with oyster sauce for my breakfast-lunch. Mmmm… Yummy…

That is our review on April. There aren’t so many events, because people were busy with UAS, and so many committees were built and start to work this month. It means that the events will be happen more on May. So, let’s go welcoming May!

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