Once again, another month of my existence as Menko Eksternal BEM KMFT UGM has passed. That was the third. And now i’m facing my next month.

There are no many events were held in March. March was “Makrab Month”. Makrab, known as Malam Keakraban or Solidarity Night was an event held by ministry or BEM itself in purpose to strengthen the relationship between the persons on it. If it is held at night, we call it Makrab. But if it is day, we rename it Sikrab, as known as Siang Keakraban. The difference is only at its time, one is held with stay overnight and the other is held all day long.

There are about 3 Makrab were held in March. The first is Daily Board Makrab. But that wasn’t true Makrab, that was just a Sikrab and we call it Forga, known as Forum Keluarga or Family Forum. All Daily Board were came except Dita from OASE, because she hasn’t felt better since her last accident that cause her to stay overnight at hospital. And so did Sheila who has been pointed to replace Dita’s place, she didn’t came either.
That Forga was held in Prambanan, one of the most popular temple. We came there at about 9 o’clock and left there at 5. But even though we were there all day, we didn’t even touch the Prambanan Temple itself! All we did was just an heart to heart talk, games, exchange gift and absolutely photo sessions. We didn’t have any time to touch the temple. What we did is just took the picture of the temple. How sad…

Then one day after Forga, The Ministry of Sosmas also held a Makrab. It was held ini Parangkusumo Beach, Bantul, South Jogja. We did stay overnight at somewhat inn. We spent the night by playing a card game called “Uno”, the one whom I like to win. And in the next morning, we play at the beach. Playing beach football, play in the sea, had our clothes wet, and also photo sessions, the one that I won’t forget! Every old man here was thrown to the sea, including me. And it was fun that you felt the soft sea water flow through your body.

Next week, The Ministry of PSDM won’t be defeated. They also held a Makrab. If Sosmas did it in beach, then PSDM did it oppositely: the mountain! That was took place in Cangkringan, some place near Merapi. We didn’t stay overnight at inn, but we used citizen’s house for our base camp. But the men should not sleep there. We were sleep at the mosque near there. But I didn’t follow all of event. I came at late night and then left at early morning. Didn’t know what was happened after I left it.

In the middle of the month, there was a talk show that organized by Humas. It was a talk show whom talks anything about how to get the chance to continuing our study in Japan. The speaker were they who had been in Japan.

Talking about Japan, there was a member of BEM that had a chance to study exchange in South Korea. He was Ahmad Nasikun, former leader of The Ministry of PSDM. He was departed at 21st this month. At 20th, we did a little goodbye anniversary for him. Because he will left Indonesia for about 9 months until January 2010. And we did accompany him to Tugu rail station. He will left to Jakarta using a train, and then use an air plane to move to South Korea.

Recruitment limited edition also held this month. There were about 30 new members who registered. They had any task to be done to complete their status as new members of BEM KMFT UGM. One of their tasks is to discuss with one of 3 top boards: Miftah, Fauzi or me. With this, I had a duty to prepare my material of discussion that I was going to discuss with them. That was Motivational Organization, Time Management and Between Ideality and Reality.

Not only that. Another tasks is to stay overnight at BEM and then made a discussion in the morning. Once again, I had a duty to become a speaker at that time. So I had to stay overnight at BEM too and then gave a discussion in the next morning. I was talked about Integrity and Preparing for the Dead.

And then, the final task of limited edition recruitment is somewhat called “Sekolah Kaderisasi”. It was held 2 days full day, start since 8 o’clock morning and ended at about 5 o’clock. And in this event, at the first day I had a duty to give material about Life Planning for them. I spoke in front of the class with a power point slide to tell them anything about life planning. And in the last day, I was pointed to be a judge for the drama presentation.

That was happened in March. There wasn’t a lot of big event, only a little event to strengthen our relationship in BEM itself. And then, my first quarter as Menko Eksternal had passed. What will be happen next?

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  1. jobbernowl says:

    hm..nice english..
    thanks for putting my name on the blog though..
    see you soon brother

  2. ckinknoazoro says:

    yuk yah, miss you too… huek hueeek…. hohohoho

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