I’ve got a task to finish my radiochemistry practical work report. Radiochemistry practical work is my second radioactive-lab-work at Nuclear Engineering research program in Physics Engineering, while the first radioactive-lab-work is called “radiation measurement and detection”.

The theme of my radiochemistry practical work is about solubility. The objective is to find the solubility of PbI2. Before I work with my report, I have to study about solubility first to understand about the theory of solubility itself. But my biggest problem is that I never had any solubility lesson in college. And the last time I had studied solubility, it was in my past high school! It means that it was about 3 years ago!

So I have to re-open my old high school book and search for the solubility lesson. Fortunately, my old chemistry books are inside my filing cabinet in my room at Jogja. Then I go search for it, and finally I find those solubility’s theory in my third grade high school book. Ah, so lovely…

When I open the book, the inside cover attract me. There is a Periodic Table draws there. It brings back memories. The memories of my past in those lovely high school. The memories of my past about the chemistry lesson that I always loved it. The memories of my past when I used to think that I wanted to continued my study in Nuclear Engineering because I loved chemistry so much. Now I know that Nuclear Engineering is not only about chemistry, but it has a lot of physics on it!

And once again, those Periodic Table reminds me of the promise that I have been made. What promise is it?

Before I answer that question, let’s see the Periodic Table first. If you don’t have one, then just imagine it on your mind. Periodic Table has a lot of box, and every box is filled with different atomic numbers and different elements. For example, the box in the most top-left is filled with the world “H”, which is means Hydrogen with atomic number is one. The most right boxes are filled with noble gas and popular with its magic atomic number, such as He for Helium, Ne for Neon, etc. Now, you should have remembered about Periodic Table, haven’t you?

If you do so, then let’s take a look at the most down boxes in the Periodic Table, especially some boxes in the right. In my chemistry book, the boxes are ended at the atomic number 112, with Uub for Ununbium element is on it. The Periodic Table has a box-space up until atomic number 118, but the last element is Uub with atomic number 112. But maybe the new one already has been updated up to 113 or 114 atomic number elements.

But it is still doesn’t touch the number 118 itself. Then, what does it means? It means that, there are still some elements that has not been found yet! And the elements are those who have atomic numbers 118, 117, 116, 115 and maybe 114 and 113.

That was my promise. When I was in third grade high school, I had a very genius seatmate called “Karnanim”. We both loved chemistry so much. We were the person who was always enthusiasm to answer any chemistry question. And because of our loves to chemistry, we also made a promise at that time.

What promise?

See Periodic Table once again. Do you see the blank space after the box with atomic number 112, Uub? And can you find the box with atomic number 118 on it? That is our promise!

We both made a promise that we will be the person who found them! We made a promise that we will find the elements that has not been find today! We will! Sure we will, Insya Allah!

We made an agreement that Karnanim will find the element with atomic number 117. Then I will complete the Periodic Table by find the element with atomic number 118. The names of those elements are referred to our name. Element with atomic number 117 is called “Karnanimium”, and the last element with atomic number 118 is called “C-Kinkium”. That was our promise!

Now, 3 years has passed. Karnanim is studying in Chemical Engineering at University of Indonesia, while I am still confused to study in Nuclear Engineering at Gadjah Mada University. Both of our concentrations are still related with our past promise, even though it is only a little bit off.

Both of us still have an endless journey. Both of us still have a lot of unrevealed future. Will we fulfill our promise? Just let the time answered it. And if you ask me, I would like to say: “YES WE WILL, INSYA ALLAH!”

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  1. karnanim says:

    janji2 lama kita ya..??
    hmm,,ada berita baik dan buruknya..

    berita baiknya adalah itu adalah janji2 terindah yang akan selalu tetap ada di hati dan menginspirasi hari-hari kita agar slalu bisa jadi lebih baik..

    dan berita buruknya adalah..
    tempat2 kosong dalam sistem periodik itu udah diisi duluan ama orang2 tidak bertanggung jawab,,ah sialan,,udah penuh juga lagi,,ga nyisain tempat bwt kita 😦
    (coba cek sistem periodik terbaru,dan kliatan deh klo tempatnya udah penuh..)

    jadi kl kita tetep mau memenuhi janji2 kita,,maka kita harus bikin baris baru di sistem periodik unsur itu,,
    dan skalian diubah deh tu plajaran kimia dasar SMA yg bilang kl jmlh periode di sistem periodik cuma ada 8,,kita tambahin deh jadi ada 9,,hee

  2. ckinknoazoro says:

    hah beneran udah ke-isi ya? waaaaah kita keduluan… ya udahlah emang bukan rezekinya. sebagai gantinya, ayo kita bikin penemuan baru: siapa otak di balik kasus bibit-chandra! hohohoho

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